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I'm an experienced tech professional with 3 years as a meticulous database engineer, ensuring data integrity and efficiency. Transitioning to data engineering for 3 months, I optimized data workflows. Now, as a web developer, I merge these skills to create user-friendly, data-driven web solutions. My journey blends technical depth with creative design, delivering robust, efficient applications that prioritize both functionality and aesthetics.

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DB Engineer

Proficient database engineer skilled in PostgreSQL, Oracle, and MySQL, managing data systems for efficiency, security, and optimal performance.

Data Engineer

Skilled data engineer proficient in creating data warehouses using PySpark and PostgreSQL, optimizing data storage, and ensuring efficient analytics.

Web Development

Skilled web developer in Django, FastAPI, CodeIgniter 3, Laravel, and basic React JS, creating dynamic, efficient web applications across diverse tech stacks.

AI/ML Engineer

Experienced AI/ML Engineer, proficient in developing and deploying machine learning models for data-driven insights and automation, leveraging cutting-edge algorithms and frameworks.

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heart failure prediction

Machine Learning Algorithm to predict heart failure from several variable

Web Library

Web based library transactional system

Housing Price

The machine learning algorithm used to predict house selling prices.

Shoes Shop

Online shop for shoes transaction

social media scrapper

Scrapping data from social media to collect user behavior

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